Highly efficient and flexible Australian cattle and sheep properties with scale

One of Australia’s iconic cattle and sheep grazing property aggregations offered to the market by Clark & Tait for the first time in over 100 years.

The properties are offered as a large scale aggregation or as individual properties or groupings. They are located across Central and Western Queensland in Australia and include Mantuan Downs, Mt Enniskillen, Barcaldine Downs, Hobartville, Boongoondoo, Bimerah and Powella.

Formal sale process

The Clark & Tait properties are being offered to the market to interested parties through a Formal Sale Process consisting of 2 Stages:

Stage 1 – Potential Purchasers lodging written non-binding indicative bids

Stage 2 – Upon invitation, shortlisted Potential Purchasers to prepare final binding Bids. Shortlisted Potential Purchasers only will be invited to conduct due diligence and property inspections.


Register your interest


Bentleys International Advisory is the financial advisor to C&T Group for their property portfolio divestment. The information you provide below will be sent to Bentleys International Advisory to note your interest and a representative will follow up with you.

About us

Clark & Tait

The Clark & Tait large-scale grazing business was founded by James Clark and Peter Tait at “Boongoondoo”, Jericho in 1898. The Group expanded very quickly during the First World War and represented huge holdings based on sheep and wool growing. This became the principal commodity of Clark & Tait for several generations.

Today, the Clark & Tait portfolio consists of seven rural aggregations currently operating as separate going concern enterprises principally with a focus on cattle production. The properties are all located across Central and Western Queensland, Australia.

Clark & Tait have retained Bentleys International Advisory as its financial advisor for this transaction and all communication with parties interested in potentially purchasing the properties will be care of Bentleys International Advisory.