Large Scale Merino Sheep
(Stud & Commercial) & Cattle

2145 Barcaldine Isisford Road, Barcaldine QLD 4725

Barcaldine Downs is situated 28 kilometers South-West
of Barcaldine.

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46,735Ha of which is entirely used for grazing.


393mm average per annum

Property Description

The property has a layout as follows:

  • 43 main fenced paddocks
  • 12 holding paddocks with water
  • 12 kms of laneways
  • 1 set of new steel cattle yards with scales
  • 2 main sheep yards & 2 wool sheds
  • 1 smaller set sheep yards
  • 12 sheep holding squares in corner of paddocks
  • 59.5 km Bore drains & 116.2 km of Poly lines

Vegetation & Soils

Barcaldine Downs is made up of the following vegetation across the property:

Type Hectares
Pulled Gidyea 5,296
Sand ridges 985
Downs 32,830
Alluvial Flats 2,460
Gidyea scrub 5,165
Total (rounded up) 46,736

Approximately 70% of Barcaldine Downs is lightly shaded, gently undulating mitchell grass downs falling to coolibah lined creek channels and flats, associated with Hazlewood, Back and Boundary Creeks. Lightly shaded with boree, vinetree, whitewood, gidyea, bauhinia and some leapardwood. Broken by lighter sandstone ridges, with buffel influence, on the north-eastern end.

Approximately 22% is gidyea scrub with boree, sandalwood, bauhinia and leapardwood influence, in scattered patches, of varying size, throughout the property. Approximately 5,296 Ha of this area has been pulled and seeded to buffel. Originally developed in 1951.

The soil types across the property include 93% predominately black soil, 5% alluvial and 2% sand.

Certified PMAV’s (Property Map of Assessable Vegetation) registered on title for cleared country.

Livestock Carrying Capacity

The Year-In-Year-Out (YIYO) carrying capacity is 35,000 Dry Sheep Equivalent (DSE) in normal seasons.

Water Infrastructure

There is a range of water infrastructure across the property to carry out the grazing activities currently undertaken. A summary is outlined below:

Type Number
Dams 7
Artesian Bores 5
Bores 0
Tanks 70
Troughs 88
Pumps 3 solar
Poly lines 116.2km
Bore drains 59.5km

There is significant water infrastructure providing watering points in a radius of 1.5km for livestock. The water infrastructure is in very good order. Top Boundary bore is currently being poly piped with 51km of pipelines, 32 tanks and 36 troughs to be installed with the contractor in the current year water development programme which is not counted in the summary above.

More than 90% of the property is covered by watering points (including bore drains) 1.5km radius apart.


The Freehold country on Barcaldine Downs is fully fenced with its own high predator exclusion fences or electric fences. The Leasehold country is fully fenced with electric and exclusion fencing within a Cluster group (of nearby neighbours). There are areas of sub-clusters as well while the Freehold country is double buffered with 2 exclusion networks from the Alice River on the eastern side. The property has a total of 67.5km of predator fencing and 97km of electric exclusion fencing, all less than 6 years old. The electric fencing first installation commenced in 2013 and is powered up to 15,000 volts by mains but predominantly solar electric means. There is a charge point every 8/12 kilometres that energises the fence in either direction.

Internal fences are either 4 plain two barb, 2 barb with 6/70/30 hinge joint or 1 barb with 6/90/30 hinge joint. Leasehold title’s northern boundary fence is marsupial netting. Laneways have either 2 barb wire and 6/70/30 hinge joint or 4 plain 2 barb.

There is a brand new set of cattle yards at the southern end of the property.

Buildings & structures

There are 32 buildings and structures across Barcaldine Downs including dwellings, storage and structures for management of the livestock (Stud & Commercial flocks) operations on the property.

Sheep Flock

The sheep currently running on Barcaldine Downs are a quality Merino breeding flock. Barcaldine Downs is sheep breeding country and the top 80% of wethers are internally sold to Bimerah to produce quality wool. Lamb marking percentage now where the predator fence has been built is more than 90%.

Additionally a Merino stud is run with Rams sold on to the open market.

As at 30 June 2019, Barcaldine Downs was carrying 8,746 head of  commercial sheep and 2,444 stud sheep (approximately) which are included in the sale.

Plant & equipment

The plant and equipment on Barcaldine Downs is sufficient and suitable for a commercial breeding property of this size. All plant is included in the sale.

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