Large Scale Sheep & Cattle

9858 Jundah Longreach Road, Longreach, QLD 4730

Bimerah is situated 100 kilometres South-West of Longreach.

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68,370Ha which is entirely used for grazing. There is also a 3,865Ha of stock routes through the property.


395mm average per annum

Property Description

The property has a layout as follows:

  • 23 main paddocks
  • 7 holding paddocks
  • 40 kms of laneways
  • 1 set of steel sheep yards & 1 wool shed
  • 1 set of new steel cattle yards
  • Approximately 140km of predator fencing installed in the last 3 years.

Vegetation & Soils

Bimerah is made up of the following vegetation across the property:

Type Hectares
Reserve – Gidyea scrub 80
Alluvial Flats 6,440
Mitchell grass Downs 60,735
Gidyea/Boree scrub 1,115
Total 68,370

Additionally there is 3,865 hectares of stock routes across Bimerah.

Approximately 84% of the property (including stock route) is open mitchell grass downs on heavy cracking clay soils, pebbly in parts. Areas are shaded with boree and whitewood on the northern end running to very open downs, more ashy downs in the south-eastern end. Small areas of lighter dead finish and sandalwood ridges adjacent to the Thomson River floodplain.

Approximately 9% is periodically flooded creek channels and plains, with coolibah, gidyea and dogwood, associated with Moonda and Mungerie Creeks in the northern half, Emu Creek in the far south west corner, and a small area of Thomson River floodplain on the western side. Some areas of Bluebush and lignum.

Livestock Carrying Capacity

The Year-In-Year-Out (YIYO) carrying capacity is 33,000 Dry Sheep Equivalent (DSE) in normal seasons.

Water Infrastructure

There is a range of water infrastructure across the property to carry out the grazing activities currently undertaken. A summary is outlined below:

Type Number
Dams 35
Artesian Bores 3
Tanks – 5/10k 37
Tanks – 20/50k 4
Troughs 78
Pumps – Solar 15
Pumps – Elect 1
Pumps – Mills/Pump Jacks 1
Poly lines 103.4 km
Bore drains 11 km (depending on season)
Permanent water holes 1
Temporary water holes 11

The 3 artesian bores are of generally low flow and pressure. The bores and equipped dams supply 103.4km of polypipe to 41 storage tanks and 78 troughs and a short bore drain.

There has been approximately $750,000 spent on water infrastructure in mainly the last 8 years.

There is extensive water infrastructure across the property for watering points for sheep and cattle, with the majority of the property being watered by dams. Recently installed storage tanks, new dams, bores and troughs are in very good order.

Approximately 70% of the enclosed predator fence is within 2 kilometres of any single watering point. The outside areas are all within 3 kilometres of any single watering point.


The boundary fencing on the property includes 125km of new exclusion/dog netting fence 1500mm high + 1 barb and 250mm apron. There is also a further 30km of boundary fencing that is 2 barb 4 plain wire.

Internal fencing on Bimerah includes 30km of new exclusion/dog netting fence 1500mm high + 1 barb and 250mm apron. All other internal fences and laneways are mainly 2 barb 4 plain.

Approximately 82% of the property will be fully enclosed by predator fences. Many of the dams are also fenced to preserve water and avoid livestock damage.

Most of the internal fencing was completed in the last 15 years and the fencing is in very good condition.

A new set of cattle yards has just been completed beside the main road approximately 5km south west of the homestead.

There are 40 km of laneways that make it efficient for management of livestock.

In the last 8 years, the company has invested $600,000 in fencing and cattle yard infrastructure.

Buildings & structures

There are 17 buildings and structures across Bimerah including dwellings, storage and structures for management of both Sheep and Cattle on the property.

Sheep Flock

The sheep currently running on Bimerah are a quality Merino wether flock.

There are also currently 2,500 agistment cattle depastured on Bimerah.

Bimerah is suited to wethers which are internally purchased from Barcaldine Downs and from NSW for growing out and wool production.

As at 30 June 2019, Bimerah was carrying 17,445 head of sheep (approximately) which are included in the sale.

Plant & equipment

The plant and equipment on Bimerah is sufficient and suitable for a commercial Sheep & Cattle property of this size. All plant is included in the sale.

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