Cattle Breeding
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Lot 1103 Boongoondoo Road, Jericho QLD 4728

Boongoondoo is situated 85 kilometres North-West
of Jericho, 87 kilometres east of Aramac and 135km
North West of Barcaldine.



48,408Ha which is entirely used for grazing. There is also a 1,330Ha stock route through the property.


512mm average per annum

Property Description

The “Boongoondoo” aggregation comprises the leasehold land parcel “Boogoondoo” and adjoining freehold land parcel “Strasburg”.

The Boongoondoo and Strasburg aggregation has a layout as follows:

  • 19 main paddocks for cattle grazing
  • 4 holding paddocks
  • 30 kms of laneways
  • 2 main sets of cattle yards

The properties generally comprise mixed soft desert forest broken by creek channels and flats, which are generally associated with gidyea and brigalow scrub.

Vegetation & Soils

Boongoondoo aggregation is made up of the following vegetation across the property:

Type Hectares
Developed brigalow scrub 723
Developed Gidyea scrub 2,168
Dev Ironbark/box forest 2,123
Dev Ironbark/box/gum forest 2,890
Alluvial Flats 657
Brigalow scrub 6,667
Gidyea scrub 2,036
Soft desert 24,706
Desert forest 5,715
Bendee/lancewood ridges 460
Inferior spinifex & heartleaf 263
Total (approx) 48,408

The property also has 1,330 hectares of stock route running through it.

Approximately 27,000 Ha (55%) consists of soft desert forest with box, ironbark and patches of scrubby brigalow/gidyea/dead finish. Mainly grassed with forest mitchell and other native species. Around 2,123 Ha of this country type, has been pulled and seeded to buffel.

Approximately 7,390 Ha (15%) is brigalow scrub with box, sandalwood, blackbutt and yapunyah, broken by narrow forest ridges and watercourses, with some gidyea. Around 787 Ha of this country has been pulled and is well developed to buffel.

Approximately 4,204 (9%) on Boongoondoo (western side) is gidyea and brigalow scrub, with some coolibah, on clay soils and is associated with the Dry Alice drainage system. Around 2,168 ha has been pulled and is well developed to buffel.

The balance of the country (20%) is poorer quality desert forest on sandier soils, timbered with ironbark, box, desert oak and gum. spinifex and forest mitchell pastures. Around 2,890 Ha pulled and seeded to buffel. There are small areas of Bendee/Lancewood rocky slopes and ridges on the eastern end of Boongoondoo.

Certified PMAV’s (Property Map of Assessable Vegetation) registered on title for cleared country.

Livestock Carrying Capacity

The Year-In-Year-Out (YIYO) carrying capacity is 4,200 Adult Equivalent (AE) cattle in normal seasons

Water Infrastructure

There is a range of water infrastructure across the property to carry out the grazing activities. A summary is outlined below:

Type Number
Dams 19
Bores 8
Tanks – 5/10k 35
Tanks – 20/50k 2
Troughs 63
Pumps – Solar 10
Pumps – Elect/Diesel GS 4
Pumps – Windmills 6
Poly lines 58.8km

Most dams were cleaned out in 2015 and water tanks, troughs and dams are in good order.

Approximately 90% of the property is covered by watering points 3 km radius apart.

Natural waters also include a near permanent waterhole at the homestead.


The fencing used across Boongoondoo consists of predominately 3 barbed wire fencing with some boundary fencing 4 barbed with steel posts. The boundary fences are in good order with most built or renewed in recent years. The internally fences are virtually new with only a few kilometres still to replace.

Buildings & structures

There are 10 buildings and structures across Boongoondoo and Strasburg including dwellings, storage and structures for management of the livestock operations on the property.

Cattle Herd

The cattle herd currently running on Boongoondoo are a quality Santa Gertrudis breeding herd, that have some Droughtmaster and Red Brahman infusion.

Boongoondoo is breeding country and each year steer weaners, cull cows and heifers are sold. Long term average weaning percentage is approximately 70%.

As at 30 June 2019, Boongoondoo was carrying 2,409 head of cattle and 30 horses (approximately) which are included in the sale.

Plant & equipment

The plant and equipment on Boongoondoo is sufficient and suitable for a commercial breeding property of this size. All plant is included in the sale.

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