Large Scale Cattle
Breeding & Fattening

1179 Mt Enniskillen Road, Tambo, QLD 4472

Mt Enniskillen is situated 37 kilometres North of Tambo
and 63 kilometres south east of Blackall.



135,200Ha of which is entirely used for grazing.


527mm average per annum

Property Description

“Mt Enniskillen” comprises an aggregation of 3 Pastoral Holding leases which are referred to as “Enniskillen” on the west, “Windeyer” in the central area, and “Kelpum” on the eastern side of the aggregation fronting the Great Dividing Range.

The property has a layout as follows:

  • 66 paddocks
  • 4 main cattle yards
  • 60 km of laneways
  • Trap yards at all main watering points

Vegetation & Soils

Mt Enniskillen is made up of the following vegetation across the property:

Type Hectares
Blade ploughed scrub 1,200
Pulled scrub 5,041
Open Downs 10,919
Broken Downs & Gidyea 25,427
Scrubby forest 18,303
Remnent scrub 11,745
Lighter forest 21,432
Inferior Ranges 41,133
Total (approx) 135,200

“Enniskillen”, totaling 23,500 hectares, comprising a mix of broken black soil downs and gidyea scrub which mostly drains into Windeyer Creek which runs in an east-west direction before intersecting the Barcoo River which runs along the southern, and then the western boundary. The areas on the southern side of Windeyer Creek generally consist of broken downs and gidyea country. The area on the northern side of Windeyer Creek consist of lighter mixed scrub and forest on red loamy soil towards the north-western corner with some clay pan influence, merging into an area of better quality dense scrub country which has broken downs on the fringes.

“Windeyer” totalling 44,600 hectares, comprising a mix of downs, broken scrub, and lighter box and cyprus pine country which is dissected by a range which runs through the eastern side of the lease. Comprising an area of heavy chocolate brown/blacksoil downs towards the south-western area (nearing the homestead) between Windeyer Creek (to the south) and Sandy Creek (to the north), merging into mixed gidyea/brigalow scrub and scrubby forest which rises to lancewood escarpments and tablelands. The land on the northern side of Sandy Creek runs into lighter scrubby forest and cyprus pine country, with pockets of thicker scrub.

“Kelpum” totalling 67,100 hectares, is an irregular shaped parcel which is split into two main areas by a separate freehold parcel called ‘Tarabah’ which is not part of the subject aggregation. The land comprises of predominately lighter cyprus pine and box forest rising into rugged ranges and gorges along the eastern boundary which form the crest of the Great Dividing Range. There is an area of better quality scrub country towards the central and south-eastern end, as well as an area of fair quality broken scrub and forest surrounding the Birkehead Yards at intersection of the Alpha-Tambo Road and the Dawson Development Road in the far western end of the lease.

Certified PMAV’s (Property Map of Assessable Vegetation) registered on title for cleared country.

Livestock Carrying Capacity

The Year-In-Year-Out (YIYO) carrying capacity is 15,500 Adult Equivalent (AE) cattle in normal seasons.

Water Infrastructure

There is a range of water infrastructure across the property to carry out the grazing activities currently undertaken. A summary is outlined below:

Type Number
Dams 23
Artesian Bores 5
Bores 14
Tanks – 5/10k 75
Tanks – 20/50k 15
Inc Tanks Satellite Monitored 5
Troughs 221
Pumps – Solar 18
Pumps – Elect/Diesel GS 8
Poly lines 193 km

There has been significant capital invested in the watering infrastructure across the property in the last 10 years with new tanks and troughs equipping dams with solar pumps, tanks and troughs. There is significant water coverage across the property and is in excellent condition.

In the last 10 years the company has spent approximately $1.4M in water improvements. Approximately 90% of the useable country is now within 3 kilometres of any single watering point.

There are also some supplies of natural water available. There is a permanent water supply from a spring on Kelpum. Windeyer Creek and Sandy Creek carry some beneficial seasonal to semi-permanent waterholes through ‘Windeyer’ and Enniskillen. The Barcoo River which runs just inside the far western boundary also holds semi-permanent waterholes which generally last through all bar extreme dry years.


The fencing consists of primarily 3 and 4 wire barbed fencing. It is in excellent condition, along with many new gates and steel posts as part of the fencing development program undertaken by the current and previous property manager.

There is a significant laneway system (60 kilometres) which links all 3 land parcels making cattle movements easy. The laneways are supported by a significant number of new water squares and traps have been built in recent years which makes mustering more efficient and less costly.

Almost the entire boundary is fenced with a mix of construction types, including some new vermin exclusion fencing along part of the western boundary with Swan Hill. There is a section of the rougher range country which creates a natural barrier along the north-eastern boundary which adjoins Mantuan Downs.

There are fenced laneways through Enniskillen and Windeyer which includes a 42km central lane that runs from Old Station paddock in the west to the Birkehead yards in the east. This laneway services most paddocks back to the yards. There is a further 3km of laneway on ‘Kelpum’. These laneways are supported by new trap squares on approximately half of the water points.

Most of the internal fencing has been upgraded, replaced or newly constructed over the past 6 years and has greatly improved the management and functionality of the property.

Buildings & structures

There are 20 buildings and structures across Mt Enniskillen including dwellings, storage and structures for management of the livestock operations on the property.

Cattle Herd

The cattle herd currently running on Mt Enniskillen are a quality Santa Gertrudis breeding herd, that have some Droughtmaster and Red Brahman infusion.

Mt Ennikillen is a breeding and backgrounding property. Each year feeder steers, cull cows and heifers are sold. Weaning percentage ranges between 70% and 80% depending on the season.

As at 30 June 2019, Mt Enniskillen was carrying 7,045 head of cattle and 22 horses (approximately) which are included in the sale.

Plant & equipment

The plant and equipment on Mt Enniskillen is sufficient and suitable for a commercial breeding property of this size. All plant is included in the sale.

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