Property Portfolio Divestment

On a going concern basis (“walk in walk out”)

Selling as a Portfolio or Individually via a Formal Sales Process

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Indicative Bids Due Date: Tuesday 17 September 2019

Individual Properties in Portfolio:

Mt. Enniskillen

“Mt. Enniskillen” (incl. “Kelpum” & “Windeyer”)
1179 Mt Enniskillen Rd, TAMBO QLD
Large scale Cattle breeding & fattening
CC: 15,500 AE Cattle
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Mantuan Downs

“Mantuan Downs” (incl. “Castlevale” & “Semper Idem”)
Dawson Development Rd, SPRINGSURE QLD
Large scale Cattle breeding & fattening
CC: 18,000 AE Cattle
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1893 Degulla Rd, ALPHA QLD
Cattle breeding & backgrounding
CC: 4,350 AE Cattle
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“Boongoondoo” & “Strasburg”
1103 Boongoondoo Rd, JERICHO QLD
Cattle breeding & backgrounding
CC: 4,200 AE Cattle
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“Powella” & “Tuaburra”
9009 Illfracombe Aramac Rd, ARAMAC QLD
Cattle breeding & backgrounding
CC: 4,500 AE Cattle
More details


9858 Jundah Longreach Rd, LONGREACH QLD
Large Scale Sheep & Cattle
CC: 33,000 DSE Sheep
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Barcaldine Downs

“Barcaldine Downs”
2145 Barcaldine Isisford Rd, BARCALDINE QLD
Large scale Sheep (Stud & Commercial)
CC: 35,000 DSE Sheep
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CC – Directors’ assessed current carrying capacity on an Adult Equivalent (AE) or Dry Sheep Equivalent (DSE) basis.

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